Central Asia

I spent the summer of 2011 in Central Asia, where most of my reporting focused various aspects of  Kyrgyzstan’s emerging democracy. Kyrgyzstan generally doesn’t make it into the American news cycle, despite the presence of a U.S. military base, which the new Kyrgyz president recently vowed to shut down by 2014. Here are links to stories from Kyrgyzstan (and one from Tajikistan) reported for Public Radio International/BBC’s “The World” and CNN.com.

Kyrgyzstan’s Akyn Poets — PRI/BBC’s “The World”

Questions About U.S. Cooperation with Repressive Regimes — PRI/BBC’s “The World”

Democracy in Kyrgyzstan — PRI/BBC’s “The World”

Americans Struggle to Adopt in Kyrgyzstan — CNN.com

Trying to Overcome Ethnic Violence in Kyrgyzstan — PRI/BBC’s “The World”

The Aga Khan and Ismailism in Tajikistan — PRI/BBC’s “The World”